Online Sense is ICDL Arabia's philanthropic arm aimed at raising public awareness on Cyber Safety.

Did you know that thousands of teens reportedly skip school every day because they are bullied? Furthermore, a significant number of those bullied drop out of school completely due to repeated bullying.

That said, it is now easier than ever for a child to be exposed by an offensive comment. Thanks to social networking and access to the Internet anywhere you go, a student could simply go on their phone, tablet or computer and get exposed to something that could offend them… and if it continues, they are could potentially become victims of cyberbullying.

As a teacher, you may be wondering, are there any warning signs that indicate whether your students are affected by cyberbullying? The answer is yes. Recognising these signs during school hours is an important first step in taking action against cyberbullying and helping your students feel safer (and learn better) in a school setting. It is also a good way to help address cyber safety issues with parents, as cyberbullying can impact a child at home.

These are 8 signs your student is being bullied online:

  1. Being unwilling to share information about online activity
  2. Having an unexplained decline in grades
  3. Showing up to school less and/or expressing anger or dissatisfaction with a specific class
  4. Refusing to participate in school/after-school activities they previously enjoyed
  5. Becoming upset, sad or angry during or after using the Internet
  6. Showing signs of general depression or sadness
  7. Withdrawing from family or friends
  8. Increasingly reporting symptoms of illness for which he/she wants to go home