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Apps seem to be everywhere and there is an app conceivably for everything these days (well, almost everything). Mention apps and we think of something that has utility or entertainment value and it gives us various reasons to use our phones in cool ways.

But have you ever thought that there might be apps that are absolutely nonsensical or downright hideous?

The very reason why we have compiled these is to drive home just one point – not all apps are great. Be extra-careful before you download one that might get you involved in something illegal, immoral or burn a hole in your pocket without serving any value at all!

Here are four apps that were banned by the Apple App Store. Why? Read on to find out!

Girls Around Me

Girls Around Me was an app that lets users track women in their neighbourhood without these women knowing, using Facebook and Foursquare check-ins. Obviously that was pretty creepy! And it also allowed the users to access personal details about these women. Of course an app like this did not last very long. Apple banned this app from the app store within hours.

I Am Rich

Have you ever wanted to brag to your friends so badly that you would spend a 1000 USD on an app that does absolutely nothing? There was an app called I Am Rich that was targeted at desperate braggers. It charged 1000 USD nothing. It just showed a glowing red gem on the screen as proof that you had this app, so that you could show it to your friends telling them you could spend 1000 USD on it just because you are rich! Yes you guessed it, this app didn’t make it for long on the store.

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Baby Shaker

What do you imagine when you hear about an app called baby shaker? Yes the answer is as hideous as you think? It was a game in which you had to shake your iPhone until you made the baby silent and two red crossed showed on the eyes of the baby, suggesting you have successfully killed them. It was a very controversial game, and stood no chance at the app store.

Phone Story

This was a game in which players could use people to mine minerals. It takes you through that dark process of business in which no one sees that you have people working for nothing to make big companies richer. The app store removed it obviously because of the culture of slavery it was promoting.