Online Sense is ICDL Arabia's philanthropic arm aimed at raising public awareness on Cyber Safety.

How to set up and use Apple pay

Open up the Wallet app on your iPhone or go to Settings and then “Wallet & Apple Pay”. You will be prompted to add a card. Add in your card’s details, and your code and your card is set up. It’s as easy as that. If you have a card stored in your Apple account for iTunes purchases – then you are prompted to either continue with that card – or set up a new one

Online Free Call: Now make Unlimited Voice, Video calls in UAE for $13

Before we go ahead with the good news, we would like to reiterate that the ban on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the UAE has still not been lifted. Having said that, people still continue to use the VoIP feature of apps such as Skype and WhatsApp to make online free calls by switching on VPNs, but that’s not legal.

Social Media Creating Marital Disputes in UAE

How are marriages on the dock because of social media? The likes of Facebook have made it easy to contact virtually anyone who is online with a simple search. So you see, old flames and prospects for a new affair can also be contacted at a click! When social media wasn’t around, reconnecting with an old flame or contacting someone discreetly was very difficult, as it entailed getting personal information such as mobile number or email address, but social media has removed such barriers by making people’s profiles publicly available to contact.

Did Violent Games make the Dubai Girl Violent?

Gulf News recently reported that “addiction to violent video games” led to a 14-year-old girl being taken to the hospital for psychological assessment and treatment. Did the girl become violent only due to the effect of violent games? Researchers in the US have experimented on this topic, and suggest that the answer might be ‘yes’.

Banks in UAE raise an alert on vishing (voice phishing)

In the recent months, there have been numerous complaints in the UAE of scamsters calling people, posing as agents from banks, to steal their personal information. The technique these criminals use is called vishing (The name is a combination of ‘voice call’ and ‘phishing’, which scamming people via email). The vishing scam has assumed such serious proportions that bankers have issued public warnings against it.