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This Kid’s Video will Make you Cry

Just when we thought we had seen enough of the bullying epidemic this year, the plea of a kid named Keaton Jones came as yet another poignant reminder of how bullying can impact kids. 2017 was probably the year in which online and real-world bullying was talked about most. While the world was shocked by the death of bullying victims such as Amanda Todd, Sam Abel, and Mallory Grossman, there were many heart-tugging videos of bullied kids coming out in the open to talk about their plight.

Everything you Wanted to Know about Bitcoin

If you browse the Internet, you might have heard about Bitcoins. The digital currency seems to be taking the world by storm, as people claim to make a fortune out of it, governments are yet to understand it as mainstream ‘money’, and critics are calling it the currency of online criminals. There’s much written about Bitcoins, but only someone who is dealing with this beast of a cryptocurrency can explain this new concept best. We talked to Fintech Consultant and Bitcoin Miner Satish Jangid to understand the Bitcoin better:

Wysa – Is it your Happiness Buddy?

Ever fancied a pocket penguin that learns and grows wiser with you? Meet Wysa an app that claims it will equip you to handle whatever life throws at you. Wysa developers say that it “helps you live the best life you can”. With more than 3 million user conversations so far, Wysa has reportedly helped people deal with anxiety, social distress, relationships, career stress, body image, mild depression, loneliness and sometimes more serious issues too.

YouTube to Hire 10,000 People to Control Content that Endangers Children

YouTube will hire 10,000 people to monitor and control violent extremism on the popular video streaming platform, along with curbing content that endangers children. In an interview to The Daily Telegraph, Susan Wojcicki, Chief Executive of the Google-owned video-sharing site, said on Monday that “bad actors are exploiting” YouTube to “mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm”.

Facebook Messenger Kids – New Chat App for Kids

Facebook on Monday unveiled a version of its Messenger application for children, aimed at enabling kids under 12 to connect with others under parental supervision. Messenger Kids is being rolled out for Apple iOS mobile devices in the United States on a test basis as a standalone video chat and messaging app.