Online Sense is ICDL Arabia's philanthropic arm aimed at raising public awareness on Cyber Safety.

Why is Online Sense displaying contents that makes them liable to crime?

Mr Imran Khan asked 1 year ago

I have noticed that you are displaying articles that in themselves ‘are a crime’ and break the ‘law of the UAE’ under the Cybercrime Law Articles 20ff.
It is curious why you insist on doing that. Perhaps, you should ‘actually respond’ to inquiries by the individuals as you are advertising online.

2 Answers
Hussam Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Mr Imran Khan,
Thank you for reaching out to us
can you please let us know which articles you are talking about?
Our main objective is to educate the masses about the internet safety.

we would love to hear more from you – can you please share your contacts so we can call you and discuss this in more details.

Kind Regards,
OnlineSense Team

Mr Imran Khan answered 12 months ago

I am happy to share my details, but would you mind providing an email I can send these to, please?

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