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An Egyptian court has ordered an immediate ban on YouTube for a month over the website hosting an ‘anti-Islamic video’.

The controversy of the ‘un-Islamic’ video has been raging for a while now. Not long back a lower administrative court in Egypt had ordered the country’s National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to do block YouTube.

The ‘un-Islamic’ video was brought to the court’s notice by a lawyer named Mohamed Hamed Salem. The case dates back to 2013 when Hamed demanded to ban YouTube in Egypt until the video clip is removed from YouTube.

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This is not the first time a website has been banned in a country. Countries like China have banned Facebook, and such bans can cause massive financial damage to companies in terms of lost ad revenue.

It is unclear how the temporary ban will be implemented, as YouTube was still working in Egypt until Saturday evening.

“The NTRA is responsible for implementing the ban and there is no technical difficulty to do so,” the lawyer said, warning “I will file a lawsuit against the NTRA chief if the ban is not implemented.”