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Has this ever happened to you on LinkedIn?

You wake up in the morning and you open your LinkedIn account… probably for the first time in weeks. You see that someone added you on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Spam Invitation

Of course, if you’re somewhere in the Middle East, you know how important it is to expand your networks on LinkedIn. So you check out their profile to see what you have in common with them.

LinkedIn Spam Invitation

It doesn’t look like a fake profile at first glance. Her photo looks professional, she mentions her alma mater (education), and she’s connected to someone you know (see the 2nd marked in the top-right corner?)

But check out her URL, though. That looks pretty suspicious.

After scrolling down you find that this person is definitely not someone you want to connect with on LinkedIn; it’s a spam account!

LinkedIn Spam (Summary Section)

How Do You Report This LinkedIn User As Spam?

Users like this do not deserve to be on LinkedIn. They’re annoying and they give you messages that aren’t relevant to you.

So how do you get rid of them and report them as spam?

First, you need to reject their invitation.

To do that, you first have to hover over your Connections in the top-right corner again and reject their request by clicking on the X.

Reject LinkedIn Connection (Invitation)

Do not exit after rejecting their request… because you’re not done.

After doing that, you will get a notification saying ‘Invitation ignored and archived. More options’
Click on ‘Report as Spam’.

You will then receive a notification that states, “This invitation from [LinkedIn User] has been reported as spam.”

What If You’re Already Connected to a Spam Account on LinkedIn?

You can still report someone if they’re connected to you on LinkedIn. You just need to go visit their profile.
Hover over the arrow next to ‘Send a Message’ and select ‘Block or report’.

Report LinkedIn Connection as Spam

Once you do that, a pop-up screen will appear.

You have two options: block them so that you won’t be able to contact each other on LinkedIn… or report them so that LinkedIn can review their profile and eventually take it down.

We recommend that you report all spam. Don’t just block them, as they could potentially connect with other people.

Block/Report LinkedIn Connection

Now You’re Done!

If you have any other questions on how to Report a LinkedIn user as spam, contact us and we’ll help you out.