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“Imagine…if somebody followed our children around with a camera and a notebook, and recorded their every movement. I can tell you there isn’t a person…that would sit idly without taking action.” This is what Gary Kovacs, a famous leader in the world of online security said in 2012, in his talk on how we are being tracked online by websites, without us even knowing.

Gary used this real-life example to explain actually how our privacy is being intruded every moment we go online. He used a tool called Collusion on Firefox browser to see instantly how many sites are tracking him and his nine-year-old daughter’s online activity. He was shocked to see just how many websites tracked him in just a few hours.

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Take a look at the graph on the left and you will understand how big this problem was for Gary, and how your privacy is intruded every time you go online.

The red dots you see are sites that tracked Gary without him even visiting those. The blue dots are sites that he actually navigated to, and the grey dots are sites that also tracking Gary without his knowledge.

All these dots are connected, as you can see, to form of a picture of Gary on the web.

You must watch this video to know how your online life is being tracked every moment by companies that are part of a multi-billion-dollar ‘online snooping’ industry.