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It’s no news that productivity apps make life really simple in many ways. But choosing the wrong app and getting used to it might just be a wastage of time! We want to save you from the trouble of looking out for the best app. Without much ado, let’s get on with the list! Here are 10 productivity app recommendations you should check out!

To-do List

Let’s start with To Do list recommendations. When it comes to doing lists, many people use a powerful app called Asana. However, Asana is built mainly for teams, and it has got a lot of interesting features that you probably won’t need if you are managing just your personal stuff.

For individuals, an app like Wunderlist is an elegantly designed utility tool that doesn’t lock essential features behind a pay version like other similar apps do.

Task Management

Now, every good task management app needs a calendar as a companion. While Google calendar is good, Fantastical is a more specialized solution. It has features compatible with Apple watch, but one of its main features is natural language processing.

This means, instead of typing up events, one can just say out the event name and the app will record it in text version as a calendar entry, and intelligently pick portions of your sentence into various sections of the calendar such as date, time venue etc.

An app that has similar natural language processing is Today Calendar that comes at a cost of around 5 USD.

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Habit tracking is another practice that helps people stay productive. One of the tops apps for that is Habitica. Along with Android and iOS versions, Habitica also has a full-featured web-app. Here’s something cool! This app will help you turn your habit trends into a video game! You can make a character in your name (or anything else you choose), buy gear, join people going on quests, and keep each other accountable.

If these video game features aren’t your cup of tea but you still want to track your habits, there’s another app called Momentum. With this app, all you have to do is open a window, check a box. Yes, it’s a lot less time-consuming that habitica!

Note Management

For managing notes, the most popular app has been Evernote. This app has amazingly intuitive and simple tools to record to note down ideas, reminders, save pictures, save videos and even record web pages that you find interesting.

You can logically group random stuff on Evernote, linking it to one idea for easy reference. You will be amazed by the simplicity with which you see your idea shaping up on Evernote, through records of various stuff you save in relation to it!

E.g. if you are interested in growing a herbal plant – as you linger on that idea, you come across various types of information regarding where to find that plant, how to pot it, what are its benefits etc. from text, pictures and videos across sources.

As you keep recording this random inputs, soon you will see on Evernote that you have created a complete, one-stop reference point everything related to that herbal plant, from how to grow it to how to use it!

File Digitizing and Syncing

To save my files at a common point that one can access through various devices, the popular choice is Dropbox. It integrates seamlessly with a sorter that lets one attach files to tasks in the flash of a second, and you can set various privacy levels for files you share, such as ‘view only’, ‘view and edit’ etc.

It would be great if Dropbox offers a scan option to record hard copies in a digital format. For now though, one can use Scannable to do just this.

Avoiding Distractions

If you often find yourself distracted by your smartphone while you are working, you have a solution called Forest. This is a very interesting app that rewards you for leaving your phone leaving your phone alone, by growing a virtual tree.

If you touch your phone before a session is up, get ready to see your tree die! This app also gives you an update on the progress you are making in growing your tree by increasingly leaving your phone unattended.