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Snap Inc. Cracks Down on What You Can Discover on Snapchat

When people think of Snapchat, they think of a fun platform for people to chat with their friends and send fun images and videos of themselves. However, as time went by and Snapchat established itself as one of the biggest social media companies in the world, they created a ‘Discover’ section on their platform.

The Deep Web, the Dark Net, and the Dangerous Secrets of Pedophiles

The Internet can be a very dangerous, especially for people who aren’t aware of the things that happen online. Online predators use social media to groom (and sometimes even radicalize) kids, as they can be easily swayed into doing what cyber criminals want.

Does Social Media Empower or Exploit Women in the Middle East?

If you are an Arab or have lived in the Arabian Gulf, you probably know that privacy is a very important issue here (particularly for women). Moreover, keeping one’s personal information about oneself and sheltering oneself from society is particularly common in women who share conservative values.

Warning: You Could Be an Accomplice of an Internet Fraud Case

We hear about victims of Internet fraud all the time. People tend to simplify those stories and say that those people are so naïve and that it would never happen to them.
You may want to think twice about that.

Google My Activity: How Google Tracks Your Every Move for Financial Gain

Google knows everything about you, from Google searches, to emails, to which videos you watch. You can find out just a snippet of what Google knows by using Google My Activity.