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Do you like using those colourful and quirky Instagram filters on your photos? We are sure you will love Instagram’s new filter for live videos available as part of the photo-sharing app’s latest update now available in the UAE!

Go ahead and try that kitten avatar or add a sprinkle of stars or rainbow light to your face! You can also check out a special sunglass face filter, which can use exclusively in live video for the next week. Even the scenery reflecting on the sunglass lenses can be changed!

You can start adding filters to your live videos by tapping the face icon at the bottom right corner of the screen before or during the live session.

At the end of live sessions, you can share a replay to stories, save the video, or tap on Discard, and the video to disappear. There also an option to share the video on Instagram, and it will disappear after 24 hours.

Here’s the filter that Mark Zuckerberg likes!