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Selfie fads have often lead to deaths and serious mishaps, however, now there is an application that will notify people about the risk of capturing that ‘perfect shot’.

Experts at the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi (IIIT-Delhi) have created the application called Saftie.

“This app is an effort to reduce deaths related to selfies. This camera does a real-time analysis of the image it is seeing and nudges a user if it infers a scene to be dangerous. The app does this inference using deep learning techniques,” said IIIT-Delhi professor Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, who has developed the application.

The application will work even if mobile data is off, as it can analyse the elevation at which one is standing, the backdrop of the image and various other features.

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For example, if you are near a railway track, a waterbody or when there is an animal behind you while you click a selfie, you’ll get a notification saying you are at an unsafe place.

The location marker has a list of over 5,500 locations marked as dangerous by users across the world and over 600 locations are verified, that is more than three people have marked the same latitude and longitude as dangerous.

The professor said people nowadays have the tendency of clicking selfie to show their friends on Facebook and Instagram and get likes.

There have been many incidents when people have died clicking selfies close to railway tracks or while perched dangerously on cliffs.