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In the last few days the suicide of two Pinoy teenagers in Dubai has been the talk of the town, with most people speculating that the notorious Blue Whale game caused this. The Dubai police confirmed that it was a rumour.

According to Police authorities, the boy and girl from grade 10 in a school in Al Qusais, who committed suicide last week had been suffering from depression due to familial reasons.

The girl had reportedly hung herself, and her mother discovered this. The boy’s body was traced to a residential building in Al Qusais; the police reported that he had jumped from the sixth floor.

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In case you suspect that the Blue Whale game has started to trend in Dubai, rest assured it is not, as no such case has been reported so far. The police confirmed that the students had not mentioned their suicide on social media (As it usually happens in Blue Whale suicide cases).

While the police have dispelled fears of the Blue Whale game spreading, they have advised families to remain vigilant and seek an expert’s intervention if they notice any concerning change in children’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, psychological counsellors are counselling students from the school of the deceased, and their parents.