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How Strobes, Seizures, and Social Media Led to One Man’s Arrest

On December 15, 2016, Eichenwald said he received a message from the username @Jew_Goldstein on Twitter. The tweet was an animated image (GIF) of a blinding strobe light that said, “You deserve a seizure for your posts” in capital letters. Mr. Eichenwald, who has epilepsy, saw the post and immediately went into a seizure.

How One Man Earned $10,000 from Facebook by Hacking into (and Deleting) Their Videos

Did you know that there was a time when someone could gain control over Facebook users’ videos to edit or delete them? Dan Melamed, a cyber security researcher who worked at Microsoft and A&T helped Facebook identify the security loophole that could have impacted billions of people.

Five Differences between Cyber Bullying and Traditional Bullying

Why do we see more stories of online bullying happen nowadays? It’s partly because there are some key differences between cyber bullying and traditional bullying.

How to Avoid Getting Hacked (for Computers)

Be honest: do you ever worry about one of your accounts getting hacked? Do you wonder what you would do if someone pretended to be you and stole your information? Do you ever think about how to avoid getting hacked? Well, of course! This is one of the main concerns we…

Kids React to Bullying Video (and Talk about Cyberbullying)

There have been many bullying videos that have gone viral in recent memory. However, there is one in particular from 2011 that we could not ignore. Watch it and let us know how you think it relates to cyberbullying incidents today.