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Cyber Bullying Killed Sam Abel – Critical Tips on Online Safety for Kids

Recently a teenager, Sam Abel, from England ended himself as a victim of cyber bullying. It’s yet another wake-up call for parents to take online safety for kids seriously

Addicted to Technology? Try these Stress Management Tips

Most of us are so addicted to technology that it has almost started suffocating us. Here are seven stress management tips for technoholics.

Radiation Protection – 5 Ways to Keep your Child Safe

Not many people think about this often, but smart devices actually expose people to radiation. According to researchers, mobile phone radiation can severely impact a child’s brain development.

Snapchat Spectacles: Why Critics Say it’s Unsafe

Have you heard about Snapchat’s latest product? Most kids have, and they can’t wait to use it. As responsible adults, it’s important for you to know that the device might be unsafe for children to use.

The Scary Truth about Instagram (and how it’s Ruining Our Self-Esteem)

Instagram’s social media culture does provide a great platform to share authentic photos, but not everything is as flattering and amazing as it seems in those photos. People might not use Photoshop, but they can use filters (even if they use the hashtag