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Is your Mobile now a ‘Bad Robot’? Mobiles and Botnets

Did you know that a large number of people in the UAE don’t even know that hackers are using their phones and computers to attack other people’s mobiles across the world?! These people are part of a botnet network and they aren’t even aware of it yet. Sounds confusing? Before we tell you more about the botnet issue in the UAE, let’s first explain what a botnet is, in simple words.

Dubai Fitness Challenge App: Have you Accepted the Challenge Yet?

The Dubai Fitness Challenge, which started on October 20 is still nearly two weeks away from concluding! In case you haven’t heard of the challenge yet, here’s what it’s all about: People in Dubai need to commit to 30 minutes of daily fitness-centric activity for 30 days. In case you have not taken the challenge yet, you can do so now by registering immediately because two weeks is still a long way to go!

Dubai Police Alerts People Against Blackmailers on Facebook

Are you a social butterfly who takes pride in a large circle of Facebook friends? You might want to be really cautious while accepting friend requests from strangers! Doing so might expose you to a terrifying experience of blackmailing.

‘Instagram with a friend’ Feature: Now go Live with a Friend!

Have you tried Instagram’s new “with a friend” live video feature yet? It’s a fun way to post live videos with friends; all you need to do is invite a friend or anyone on Instagram to join a broadcast while shooting a live story. You can include guests by tapping the new ‘two- smileys’ icon on the bottom right. Next you need to “add” anyone who is currently watching your video stream.

Binging on Netflix at Night? Get Ready to be Sleepless

Browsing on the phone or binging on Netflix before going to sleep seems to have become an everyday ritual for most of us! But did you know that those addictive on-screen moments can leave you sleepless or cause even greater damage to health? Here are three ill-effects of screen-gazing in the night, which you might have never thought about.