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Become Invisible Online: This is the Best Browser for Internet Privacy

Did you know that spying agencies of many countries these days have tools to access all your information online, including your private messages, your images, and your web camera? Still thinking why would you want to look out for the best browser for internet privacy, if you can simply use Google Chrome, or Firefox?

The Latest Snapchat Update has Completely Changed its App! Use it like a Master with these Six Tips

Snapchat recently made major changes in its app. Many people hate the new Snapchat update, but you will be surprised to know that we think unlike the ones who don’t like the update at all. There’s actually a lot one can like in the new Snapchat. Especially, new users will have an easier time figuring out how to use Snapchat.

Dubai Teacher’s Child Sex Scandal Reminds us about the Dangers of Online Grooming

This Dubai teacher’s child sex scandal will shock you! William Ball, a music teacher at the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai was arrested earlier this month in Florida on charges of paedophilia. Ball reportedly travelled from Dubai to Florida, to ‘have sex with a seven-year-old girl he had solicited online’.

This Messenger App has what WhatsApp doesn’t

The Telegram Messenger App also promises spy-free communication with not only encryption but also self-destructing messages, at speeds reportedly higher than WhatsApp. One of Telegrams backers recently launched a contest claiming he will give 200,000 USD to those who could break into Telegram’s encryption codes. This shows that the Telegram Messenger App is really confident about its claim of privacy!

How to Save a Google Image Without the View Image Button on Search Results

Google has removed the View Image button from its image search results, which means that instead of simply clicking that button you have to browse a website to find that image. Here’s a little fix that will allow you to actually get that Google image without going through the pains of browsing whole websites.