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Always taking the ‘Best Selfie’ is a Mental Disorder called Selfitis!

Researchers in India recently conducted a study to find out that taking a lot of selfies actually shows that people suffer from a mental health disorder. The study uncovered interesting facts, which showed that excessive-selfie-taking might actually indicate something wrong with a person’s mental health. The person might actually be suffering from Selfitis.

Can Chinese Authorities Break into your iCloud Storage?

Recently, Apple decided to move a portion of its iCloud storage servers to China, a country in which the government is said to have unhindered access to user data owned by companies. This means Apple will now start storing text messages, emails, pictures and contacts of a large number of iCloud users in servers located in China.

Google Song Maker: Making Music is now Child’s Play!

Music is for everyone, and that’s why Google’s Chrome Music recently developed a Song Maker with which you can create music online without having to play an instrument or working on complex music editing tools. The website that makes music more accessible to everyone through fun, hands-on experiments is so simple that even nursery children can play around with!

Become Invisible Online: This is the Best Browser for Internet Privacy

Did you know that spying agencies of many countries these days have tools to access all your information online, including your private messages, your images, and your web camera? Still thinking why would you want to look out for the best browser for internet privacy, if you can simply use Google Chrome, or Firefox?

The Latest Snapchat Update has Completely Changed its App! Use it like a Master with these Six Tips

Snapchat recently made major changes in its app. Many people hate the new Snapchat update, but you will be surprised to know that we think unlike the ones who don’t like the update at all. There’s actually a lot one can like in the new Snapchat. Especially, new users will have an easier time figuring out how to use Snapchat.