Online Sense is ICDL Arabia's philanthropic arm aimed at raising public awareness on Cyber Safety.

Why are they Following you Online?

“Imagine…if somebody followed our children around with a camera and a notebook, and recorded their every movement. I can tell you there isn’t a person…that would sit idly without taking action.” This is what Gary Kovacs, a famous leader in the world of online security said in 2012, in his talk on how we are being tracked online by websites, without us even knowing.

New Malware in the Middle East can take Control of your Device

Have you heard about the new malware called “Slingshot” that’s straight out of a Hollywood movie? Used by online spies since 2012, Slingshot can take control of your WiFi router to have complete access to your devices connected to WiFi? This malware can hide in your router and extract personal information for your device for months without your knowledge.

Social media influencer licence in UAE: Paid Social Media Influencers will Need a Licence under New Media Rules

Are you a social media influencer who earns money by recommending and promoting products and services online? If you are, you really need to know about this that will impact you sooner or later. The United Arab Emirates has introduced a first-of-its-kind rule that makes it compulsory for social media influencers to get a media license.

Always taking the ‘Best Selfie’ is a Mental Disorder called Selfitis!

Researchers in India recently conducted a study to find out that taking a lot of selfies actually shows that people suffer from a mental health disorder. The study uncovered interesting facts, which showed that excessive-selfie-taking might actually indicate something wrong with a person’s mental health. The person might actually be suffering from Selfitis.

Can Chinese Authorities Break into your iCloud Storage?

Recently, Apple decided to move a portion of its iCloud storage servers to China, a country in which the government is said to have unhindered access to user data owned by companies. This means Apple will now start storing text messages, emails, pictures and contacts of a large number of iCloud users in servers located in China.