Online Sense is ICDL Arabia's philanthropic arm aimed at raising public awareness on Cyber Safety.

Meet the Selfie Daredevils! Don’t try to become One among them!

Have you been seeing those dizzying, death-defying photos on social media? The photographers are certainly racking up followers with these pictures but while the views in the pictures can take your breath away, the risk these photographers take is huge! For these photographers, the risk seems worth the reward in the form of Instagram followers, and global trending.

Facebook Friend or Scammer? You Decide!

Aisha Amin (Name changed) recently became the victim of a Facebook scam that took her completely off-guard. It all started when she found the profile of an old friend on Facebook. Aisha was on Facebook messenger when his friend’s name came up. Soon, Aisha started receiving Facebook messages from her friend, talking about a government grant she got through an ‘agent’ on Facebook.

Seven Signs of your Computer being Hacked

Cyberattacks have recently become a very popular problem, so everyone is worried about protecting their data. To prevent your passwords and other important data from being stolen, you have to pay attention to any changes in your computer. Your printer doesn’t work properly or your webcam behaves unusually, and you don’t know what it means? We are going to tell you about 12 important signs that your computer has been hacked and your data and pictures have been stolen.

Why are they Following you Online?

“Imagine…if somebody followed our children around with a camera and a notebook, and recorded their every movement. I can tell you there isn’t a person…that would sit idly without taking action.” This is what Gary Kovacs, a famous leader in the world of online security said in 2012, in his talk on how we are being tracked online by websites, without us even knowing.

New Malware in the Middle East can take Control of your Device

Have you heard about the new malware called “Slingshot” that’s straight out of a Hollywood movie? Used by online spies since 2012, Slingshot can take control of your WiFi router to have complete access to your devices connected to WiFi? This malware can hide in your router and extract personal information for your device for months without your knowledge.