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Should you #DeleteFacebook Today…

If you are following the #DeleteFacebook trend on websites like Twitter, you will understand how big an issue this has become. Even celebrities such as Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla, and Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp have asked Facebook users to delete their accounts. A survey conducted last week in the United States and Germany showed that for the first time in the history of Facebook, the largest number of people have come forward to say that they are losing trust in Facebook over privacy.

Don’t Fall for this New WhatsApp Scam!

If you have received a WhatsApp message claiming that you have won in the Dubai Expo 2020 Lucky Draw, don’t be happy yet! It’s a new scam that has actually gone viral. The messages congratulates recipients for winning a Dh 200,000! But there’s just one issue, it’s a Phishing attempt that asks recipients to share personal information on two particular numbers to claim their big prize money.

Coming Soon: Instagram Chronological Feed

Popular image-sharing app Instagram is once again changing the way posts appear on your feed. The app returns to its roots by chronologically prioritising new posts. Users can now view fresh content rather than images posted a couple of days ago, the Independent reports. The move harkens back to the early days of Instagram when users could see posts according to the time they were posted.

Meet the Selfie Daredevils! Don’t try to become One among them!

Have you been seeing those dizzying, death-defying photos on social media? The photographers are certainly racking up followers with these pictures but while the views in the pictures can take your breath away, the risk these photographers take is huge! For these photographers, the risk seems worth the reward in the form of Instagram followers, and global trending.

Facebook Friend or Scammer? You Decide!

Aisha Amin (Name changed) recently became the victim of a Facebook scam that took her completely off-guard. It all started when she found the profile of an old friend on Facebook. Aisha was on Facebook messenger when his friend’s name came up. Soon, Aisha started receiving Facebook messages from her friend, talking about a government grant she got through an ‘agent’ on Facebook.