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Are VPNs Legal in GCC, Egypt and Iraq?

VPNs are much sought after in this region (GCC, Egypt and Iraq), especially with various sights and apps being blocked by governments. Installing a VPN app on your phone or laptop makes the whole internet accessible to you, but you must stay cautious and know VPN rules in your country well before biting the forbidden apple.

10 Things you Should Never Share on Facebook

Facebook has become a window to people’s personal lives, with users of this social media giant posting every small and big moments of their lives and information. They say Facebook knows you more intimately than even your closest friends, thanks to all the activity you indulge in on your Facebook page.

Ransomware Asks You to Play PUBG

Regardless of what type of ransomware infects your PC, they usually all demand the same thing: money. Your files are encrypted, your PC is unusable, and hundreds of dollars or Bitcoin needs to be paid in order to unlock everything. However, a new piece of ransomware is a little different. Once it has control of your PC, all it desires is for you to play a game.

US Visa Aspirants Might Soon have to Share their Social Media Details

If you want to immigrate to the US or visit the country for business or pleasure and you aren’t from one of these countries, soon you might have to share your social media handles created in the last five years as part of official formalities. A social media handle is the URL of your personal account – e.g.

Eight Apps you didn’t know can be Harmful to Children!

We are sure that as a parent you are always concerned about your children don’t indulge in self-harm in their ignorance, or even more importantly, don’t keep secrets from you, which might eventually prove dangerous for them. But have you ever thought that you might be ignorant about your children’s activities, and come to know about them only when it is too late?