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New Message Bug Crashes WhatsApp, Android Devices

You are lucky if you have not yet received a new bug that’s crashing not only the WhatsApp app on Android, but also the phone itself. The bug is being spread as a seemingly harmless WhatsApp message forward, and when you click on the message, it instantly affects your app and phone. According to a recent report by SlashGear, this new bug is like any message bomb that involves sending and receiving a specially crafted message with hidden symbols in-between spaces.

You Might Pay a Fine of 1 Million AED for Doing this

Spreading fake news in the UAE is no longer just a matter of ethics, it’s a criminal offence. Never post news you think might be false on Facebook or share it with your friends through WhatsApp; you might have to pay a fine of 1 million AED fine for doing so. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) recently issued an official statement regarding the punishable offence.

Now you can Watch a Real-life Video of Sheikh Zayed. Thanks to Advanced Animation

Watching this video of Sheikh Zayed is like time-travelling and witnessing him speak. Have you watched the recently-released video 3-D photo-realistic hologram of Sheikh Zayed yet? It’s a meticulously crafted video that captures the Sheikh Zayed’s tone of voice, facial expressions and hand and body gestures in stunning detail. Currently being streamed at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dubai to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of the founding father, the video is four minutes and five seconds long.

Blue Whale not Responsible for Student Suicides, Police Affirm

In the last few days the suicide of two Pinoy teenagers in Dubai has been the talk of the town, with most people speculating that the notorious Blue Whale game caused this. The Dubai police confirmed that it was a rumour. According to Police authorities, the boy and girl from grade 10 in a school in Al Qusais, who committed suicide last week had been suffering from depression due to familial reasons.

Facebook comes down Heavily on Fake News

Facebook had recently introduced a feature for users to set a Red Flag for fake news, but it didn’t seem to work as expected. This time around Facebook has introduced even more aggressive measures against the fake news epidemic. Facebook now has an army of fact-checkers (companies have been hired for this job) that will verify if a piece of news is fake. In case a reported is verified as untrue, Facebook will shrink the visibility of that report in people’s newsfeed to make it virtually invisible.