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Google makes Ramadan on the Web easier

Ramadan has started and so has a massive volume of searches for recipes, prayer timings, shopping related to the holy month! Searching for Ramadan related stuff will now be much easier, thanks to a new feature recently announced by Google. When you search for ‘Ramadan’ or related keywords, now you can see all the information related to the holy month displayed on the main results page.

More than a Million Online Shoppers in UAE Exposed to Scams

As people in the UAE warm up to the idea of online shopping like never before, they are also attracting the unwanted attention of scammers. In case you are one among those online deal hunters, you are among 1 million online consumers in the region, who are vulnerable to the trickery of scammers. A report by reputed online security company Norton recently revealed how big the problem currently is.

Hear Google’s Virtual Assistant Mimic a Human Voice to Book an Appointment by Phone – Video

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, introduces a new robotic assistant in his keynote address to Google’s 2018 conference in California on Tuesday. The virtual assistant, powered by Google Duplex, uses a very natural speech pattern that includes interjections such as ‘er’ and ‘mmm-hmm’ so that it sounds eerily lifelike.

New Message Bug Crashes WhatsApp, Android Devices

You are lucky if you have not yet received a new bug that’s crashing not only the WhatsApp app on Android, but also the phone itself. The bug is being spread as a seemingly harmless WhatsApp message forward, and when you click on the message, it instantly affects your app and phone. According to a recent report by SlashGear, this new bug is like any message bomb that involves sending and receiving a specially crafted message with hidden symbols in-between spaces.

You Might Pay a Fine of 1 Million AED for Doing this

Spreading fake news in the UAE is no longer just a matter of ethics, it’s a criminal offence. Never post news you think might be false on Facebook or share it with your friends through WhatsApp; you might have to pay a fine of 1 million AED fine for doing so. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) recently issued an official statement regarding the punishable offence.