Online Sense is ICDL Arabia's philanthropic arm aimed at raising public awareness on Cyber Safety.

Android Warning: These Phones come Loaded with Malware. Are you Affected?

This Malware is an adware named Cosiloon; it was unmasked by experts at cybersecurity firm Avast. An adware is somewhat like any other software you install on your phone, and its sole job is to flash annoying ads on your phone screen! Companies use adware to forcibly show people their ads; what’s a better way to show it right on the phone home screen?

WhatsApp Scamsters are now Sending Voice Messages instead of Text!

Suspicious WhatsApp messages telling residents in UAE that they have won a prize money are now so common that people can make out such fraudulent messages. Therefore, scamsters are upping their game by sending voice message notes instead if text messages. People have reported receiving such voice messages informing recipients that they have won 200,000 AED sponsored by a retailer in the UAE. What’s more? To give the message an authentic feel, scamsters have included a promotional picture flashing logos of Expo 2020 and various reputed banks in the region!

Reddit Night Mode: It’s New and it’s Safer for your Eyes

Discussion boards such as Reddit are a treasure house of insightful information on topics ranging from cats, rocket science, and virtually everything else in between. No wonder inquisitive minds get addicted to forums such as Reddit. This addiction (Like any other form of cyber addiction) comes at a price, though. Watching Reddit’s bright-white page can be very tiring for the eyes of people reading (and commenting) voraciously on Reddit.

Intimate Details of Millions of Facebook users Leaked

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, yet another data leak recently impacted millions of Facebook users. This time, users shared their data through an app called myPersonality. Shockingly, experts believe that people who shared private information about their personality with the app can easily be recognized through their unique traits privy to the app. Facebook officially suspended the app on April 7.

Twitter Steps up its Fight against Trolls

Twitter has been fighting against the rise of trolls, and recently, it announced a new initiative to control this problem. Why Twitter? Because trolls seem to be most active on this platform. Twitter is a ‘suitable’ platform for trolls because everything posted on it can be viewed by everyone, and stuff goes viral on Twitter, faster.