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Egyptian Court Orders One-month Ban on YouTube

An Egyptian court has ordered an immediate ban on YouTube for a month over the website hosting an ‘anti-Islamic video’. The controversy of the ‘un-Islamic’ video has been raging for a while now. Not long back a lower administrative court in Egypt had ordered the country’s National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to do block YouTube.

Here’s how to Fix this Bug in WhatsApp

If you are a Whatsapp user, you might have come across this bug that’s frustrating Whatsapp users across the globe. Many among them posted their anger on Twitter after a bug stopped them from seeing the names of senders in their message notifications. Users just see ‘Whatsapp’ instead of the sender’s name whenever they get a notification! It’s iPhone users that seem to be impacted the most by a recent Whatsapp update.

Don’t use these Words as your Online Passwords

Probably you might have heard about keeping hilariously simple passwords. Probably you have kept a password like that in the past, or maybe you still have a password than any average Joe can guess! A list of weak passwords recently released by the New South Wales Police and Australian Government might surprise you how simple people’s passwords can be. No wonder scammers have an easy time tricking these people.

Android Warning: These Phones come Loaded with Malware. Are you Affected?

This Malware is an adware named Cosiloon; it was unmasked by experts at cybersecurity firm Avast. An adware is somewhat like any other software you install on your phone, and its sole job is to flash annoying ads on your phone screen! Companies use adware to forcibly show people their ads; what’s a better way to show it right on the phone home screen?

WhatsApp Scamsters are now Sending Voice Messages instead of Text!

Suspicious WhatsApp messages telling residents in UAE that they have won a prize money are now so common that people can make out such fraudulent messages. Therefore, scamsters are upping their game by sending voice message notes instead if text messages. People have reported receiving such voice messages informing recipients that they have won 200,000 AED sponsored by a retailer in the UAE. What’s more? To give the message an authentic feel, scamsters have included a promotional picture flashing logos of Expo 2020 and various reputed banks in the region!