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How to Use Instagram Drafts (New Feature)

You know how we always say, “Think before you post?” Well, Instagram just introduced a new feature called Instagram Drafts.

Phubbing: Are You Being Anti-Social with Your Smartphone?

If you’re reading this on your smartphone, look up for just a second. If you’re reading this while someone’s talking, shame on you. (Stop phubbing!)

Facts about Social Media & Kids That Will Scare You

Are Teens Safe From Strangers Online? You Be the Judge
(Statistics from ICDL Arabia’s 2016 Cyber Safety Report: How Social Media Influences the Young Mind)

What You Need to Know about Ransomware & the WannaCry Cyber Attack

Be honest: have you ever came across a Facebook post for “How to lose weight”? What about other health-related topics like, “How to treat an infection without going to a doctor” or “The best way to treat cancer without chemotherapy”?

The Scary Truth about Instagram (and how it’s Ruining Our Self-Esteem)

Instagram’s social media culture does provide a great platform to share authentic photos, but not everything is as flattering and amazing as it seems in those photos.