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Fake Email Hackers: Don’t be Fooled by them

Online criminals are now running a new software to figure out the first 3 characters of email account passwords to blackmail users, and demand Bitcoins as ransom. As part of this alternative mode of extortion, the criminals shoot a message to the victim with the first 3 characters of their passwords as a way of convincing them they’ve already gotten access to their email content. In reality, it’s entirely possible that they don’t have the whole password!

Stay away from the Scam Apps on Google Play Store

Did you know that the Google Play store is filled with scam apps? While this may or may not be surprising to you, it’s actually quite possible that you might have one or several of these apps installed on your device. You will be surprised to know that these scam apps are actually some of the most popular apps on Google Play. Some of these are ‘battery savers’, ‘phone performance boosters’, and even anti-virus apps!

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked in UAE? TRA issues advisory

One of the most commonly used messages apps in the UAE, WhatsApp is no wonder being targeted by scammers who are trying to take advantage of its popularity to hack into sensitive information. While you might think WhatsApp is one of the most secure messaging services around, it’s actually very easy to hack someone’s WhatsApp account if one knows the phone number connected to a WhatsApp account.

Google to Close Google+ social Networking Site

Google recently announced it would shut down its social networking site Google+ due to low use and multiple bugs reported on the platform in March 2017. The bug resulted in a leak of millions of user’s data. “The consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage and engagement: 90 per cent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds,” said Google, which is headquartered in Mountain View in northern California, Xinhua reported.

Are your Frequent Flyer Miles Safe from Dark Web Hackers?

Are your air miles safe from Dark Web hackers? To many fliers, the Dark Web is a minefield of hitmen, online drugs markets, forged currency, and porn too dark for the mainstream web. With regards to illicit services, you’d be surprised what you can get, one of the newer arrivals to the Dark Web is air miles. Air miles are usually received from a loyalty scheme provided by airlines. Mile points are accrued by flying with an airline.