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If you have received a WhatsApp message claiming that you have won in the Dubai Expo 2020 Lucky Draw, don’t be happy yet! It’s a new scam that has actually gone viral.

The messages congratulates recipients for winning a Dh200,000! But there’s just one issue, it’s a Phishing attempt that asks recipients to share personal information on two particular numbers to claim their big prize money.

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According to Khaleej times, the scam recently came to light on social media, after a local journalist tweeted about it to Etisalat. The fraudulent message said that the recipient had won Dh200,000 in a lucky draw conducted by an ‘EXPO2020 department’.

Filled with grammatical mistakes, such as the incorrect use of semicolons, spacing and basic grammar – it is a poorly composed hoax message, which residents should easily spot and avoid sharing private information by calling the numbers or messaging back.