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This Dubai teacher’s child sex scandal will shock you! William Ball, a music teacher at the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai was arrested recently in Florida on charges of paedophilia. Ball reportedly travelled from Dubai to Florida, to ‘have sex with a seven-year-old girl he had solicited online’.

The teacher who is a US-citizen originally from Mississippi had taken condoms, lubricants, and things for a child.

Shockingly, the Swiss International Scientific School has issued a statement that Ball was recruited after stringent background checks, and “all references also explicitly confirmed that he was suitable to work with children.”

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Think of this again. A teacher in a reputed international school, who was appointed after a thorough background check for criminal history and conduct turned out to be an accused paedophile. What then can reassure parents that there aren’t similar paedophiles lurking out there in the garb of caring teachers, waiting to groom your child online or offline?

Even more shockingly, Ball isn’t the first teacher in Dubai to have been charged with online sexual harassment of a minor. In September last year, a Pilipino teacher in a private school in Deira was accused of asking an 11-year-old girl to send nude pictures on WhatsApp.

As an ardent votary against online sexual abuse and harassment, we aren’t building a case here against schools in Dubai. Our aim, instead, is to remind you that you should stop trusting teachers blindly when it comes to your children’s security.

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