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Facebook had recently introduced a feature for users to set a Red Flag for fake news, but it didn’t seem to work as expected. This time around Facebook has introduced even more aggressive measures against the fake news epidemic.

Facebook now has an army of fact-checkers (companies have been hired for this job) that will verify if a piece of news is fake. In case a reported is verified as untrue, Facebook will shrink the visibility of that report in people’s newsfeed to make it virtually invisible.

Why will Facebook not just delete those reports? The company believes it’s currently the best solution to balance censorship and sensibility.

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Facebooks initial attempts to combat fake news through red flags is an interesting story. In case you didn’t know, fake news spread faster when people flagged it red! This forced the social media giant to discontinue this feature.

In another attempt, Facebook introduced the Related Articles feature, which showed correct version of reports from trustworthy sources.

While these efforts didn’t seem to bear many results, the new feature seems to be a much more effective way of curtailing the spread of fake news.