Online Sense is ICDL Arabia's philanthropic arm aimed at raising public awareness on Cyber Safety.

Facebook has become a window to people’s personal lives, with users of this social media giant posting every small and big moments of their lives and information. They say Facebook knows you more intimately than even your closest friends, thanks to all the activity you indulge in on your Facebook page.

You are telling not only Facebook but also the world something about you with every post, like, share, and even the information you share while creating the Facebook registration form.

Yes, the impulse urge on sharing something on your Facebook page is way to intense to resist on most occasion, but pausing for a moment and thinking what you don’t post will save you from a lot of trouble.

Here are a few things you must never share on Facebook:

Birthday: What’s one of the questions your bank asks to confirm you are the right holder of an account? Yes, it’s your date of birth! Criminals wanting to piece together your personal details such as mother’s name, place of birth and date of birth can easily get this last bit from your Facebook page!

Phone number: Unless you want ghost calls from stalkers!

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Facebook “friends”: Are you proud of having thousands or even hundreds of friends on Facebook? It’s time to seek the advice of Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar before you spread yourself thin! According to Prof. Robin, a person can maintain around 150 stable relationships only. Simply put, lightening up your Facebook friend list can be a great idea to de-clutter your brain!

Photographs of your child/young family member: This is something almost everyone invariably does! What is Facebook if we cannot post a few family pictures for those ‘aweeeeeee’ comments? Well think again, your ‘cuddly little baby’ can walk to you as a teenager one day and say, “Why have been embarrassing me with that picture of mine for so many years!”

The name of your child’s school: Not to make you paranoid but pedophiles, and other criminals who want access to your child in your absence are looking for just this information!

Your location: Again, this is a valuable piece of information for stalkers and criminals in the vicinity.

When and where you’re going for holiday: Flash news! You might not get an insurance claim if you are the burgled during a trip that you announced on social media. Think we are kidding? Check this website.

Your relationship status: Think before you get all gushy and can’t stop announcing on Facebook that you are ‘in a relationship’. We are just being the devil’s advocate here. In case things don’t go as rosy as you had expected, changing your status to ‘single’ can be emotionally and socially tough!

Credit card details: We know you are smart enough not to do this, but just in case you ever felt the need of doing so!

Boarding pass pictures: All set to go on a vacation and want to get a little ‘showy’? Please consider not taking a selfie with your boarding pass and posting it on Facebook! That tiny bar code on your pass is all a miscreant needs to access all your personal information you gave to the airline. What next? A heist on your online bank account!