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The Dubai Fitness Challenge, which started on October 20 is still nearly two weeks away from concluding! In case you haven’t heard of the challenge yet, here’s what it’s all about: People in Dubai need to commit to 30 minutes of daily fitness-centric activity for 30 days. In case you have not taken the challenge yet, you can do so now by registering immediately because two weeks is still a long way to go!

Once you start participating, the Dubai Fitness Challenge App will be your closest companion. It will help track your progress, give you access to 1,400 free classes, and e-vouchers that unlock special discounts at prominent outlets throughout Dubai.

Once you install the app, you’ll be able to

  • Track your daily activity in the #Dubai30x30 challenge
  • Plan your exercise schedule
  • Discover thousands of free activities and classes
  • Access deals and promotions
  • Easily record and review your fitness progress
  • Log your outdoor activities using GPS

Track your progress

Whether you’re taking on a boot camp session or your first swimming lesson, Flyboarding or simply enjoying an evening walk through your neighbourhood, the Dubai Fitness Challenge app will track your progress. Simply go to the app, search for the class you’ve attended or activity you’ve engaged in, and log your contribution.

Stay motivated

Be a champion of change and get your family, friends, and colleagues to sign up for the challenge. By downloading the app and keeping track of each other’s progress, you’ll be inspired to push your limits and try something new.