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Etisalat Free Wi-Fi

As always is the case with free offers, there is a catch to this free internet. You not only have to be an Etisalat subscriber, you have to have a data subscription package that you already use with Etisalat to avail of free internet.

If you don’t have a data subscription, you can still use the Wi-Fi but you’ll have to pay Dh5 per day which gives you unlimited access.

  1. Check what Etisalat data package you’re on. You can get free internet for packages starting at 1GB to over 10GB
  2. The number of hours you get free connectivity depends on the package you have or will take during this time. Data subscribers of 1GB to less than 4GB of data get 5 hours of free Wi-Fi, those with 4GB to less than 10GB get 20 hours of free Wi-Fi while subscribers having data packages of 10GB or above get 30 hours of free WiFi
  3. You can get the hotspot location map here. Remember to put in which emirate you’re in in the drop down menu to find the hotspots closest to you
  4. Switch your Wi-Fi on and go to your web browser
  5. If you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot of Etisalat, the browser should take you to a sign up or login page. Enter your details and your Etisalat number
  6. You will receive a pin number from Etisalat which you can then enter to get connected
  7. A timer starts when you start using the Wi-Fi so you can check how many hours you have left and use economically.


Wi-Fi UAE with Du

Wi-Fi UAE is available at public transport stations such as metro stations, bus stations and other public spaces across Dubai, along with various other locations across the country serviced by du.

You can connect to this service regardless of whether you are a du subscriber or not.

  1. Find a hotspot location. All metro stations, many bus and tram stations, and beaches such as Kite Beach and Umm Suqeim Beach are hotspots. Theme parks, malls and business centres are also on the list. Select your area, type of location and emirate to find the spot closest to you
  2. When in a hotspot, switch on your Wi-Fi and open your web browser. Usually, when you switch on your Wi-Fi, the login window should automatically pop up
  3. If you are a first time user, you have to enter all your details including phone number, nationality, age, gender and such other information
  4. Select ‘Free Wi-Fi’ from the options available which includes premium Wi-Fi (chargeable)
  5. A pin number is sent to you which you can then use to connect to the service
  6. For a repeat user, you will only have to enter your phone number to get the pin
  7. Free Wi-Fi starts with a five-minute premium service for free every time you connect. After the free period, your connection speed slows down a bit but if you’re moving around a lot, that shouldn’t be a problem.



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