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We are sure by now you must have become aware of the ads that ‘stalk’ us online. Once you search for a product online, quite instantly you get to see that product virtually on any webpage you visit!

Advertisers know from your search what product you want and they have a trick to show you ads of that almost always when you are online. If you’ve ever wished those ads would leave you alone, we have good news for you.

Google will now make it possible for you to shut off those ads for good.

The search giant that also sells online ads is now bringing in features that will let people restrict ads targeted at them, based on their personal information such as product preference.

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You might be aware of Google’s ‘mute’ button that has been around since 2012. It let you block ads webpages. Now the mute button has more powers; you can use it to block ‘reminder’ ads on YouTube and Gmail.

Using the new mute settings you will be able to stop the ads of specific brands/products. Once you do so, Google will show you alternative ads. By ‘alternative ads’ we mean ads that don’t constantly remind you of a specific brand or product.

The new mute features are now available on a dedicated Ad Settings portal developed by Google to make it easier for people to manage their ad preferences.