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If you always thought that a nasty review of a restaurant, spa or bank on Google search is genuine, think again if it’s actually an unsatisfied customer’s view. You never know, it might just be a flustered ex-employee of that company venting it out through a Google search review!

Google search has barred ex-employees from writing negative reviews on their previous companies as the search engine giant believes that their opinion might be biased. Fairly so, because it just doesn’t sound fair when an irate employee poses as a customer to review a company negatively!

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In case you are wondering where these reviews appear, people searching for businesses online find those along with local Google search results.

“Maps user-contributed content is most valuable when it is honest and unbiased posting negative content about a current or former employment experience” is not allowed, The Independent quoted the company as saying.

Now companies can directly contact Google to remove any reviews they consider to be unfair, which in turn could improve the ratings of businesses helping users get unbiased information.