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Ramadan has started and so has a massive volume of searches for recipes, prayer timings, shopping related to the holy month!

Searching for Ramadan related stuff will now be much easier, thanks to a new feature recently announced by Google.

When you search for ‘Ramadan’ or related keywords, now you can see all the information related to the holy month displayed on the main results page.

Google has ensured that you get the most relevant information worldwide – including local prayer times, tips and even popular recipes on YouTube.

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There’s more good news; a new product announced by Google lets you create calligraphy. Qalam is a browser app with which users can share greetings made from VR and calligraphy. Google worked with 9 world-renowned artists and calligraphists to create over 35 artworks which merge between virtual reality art and calligraphy.

“As more than a billion people prepare for Ramadan, we too at Google have been working to help our users as they begin to adapt to the month-long occasion,” Najeeb Jarrar, marketing manager at Google for the Middle East and North Africa, said at a Press event in Dubai on Sunday.

“From augmented reality in Qibla Finder to virtual reality in Qalam, we brought Google’s innovation to your fingertips this Ramadan,” Jarrar added.