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Google is celebrating its 19th birthday, and it has a surprise gift for you – a spinner game through which you can try out Google’s best interactive Doodles ever.

When you click on Google’s 19th birthday Doodle, you are led to a page with a spinner. Simply click on the spinner arrow and if you are in luck you might just get to experiences your favourite Doodle!

We’ve spun the spinner and chosen the best ones for you, just so that you don’t to do that tough job. You can simply google many of these Doodles to experience them without having to spin. Here they are:

Snake: This might just be the only new Doodle game that you haven’t ever played. While this is somewhat like the iconic Nokia snake game, please beware that you will not be able to pass through the walls! It’s certainly worth a try.

Pac Man: The legendary Pac Man is perhaps among one of the most-played Doodles. Let this classic take you back to the years when almost every kid across the globe grew up playing Pac Man at least once! For all those who are new, it’s a simple game in which you navigate the Pac Man (A perpetually-gobbling circle) across a maze to eat dots (points) as you stay safe from the devils who can trap and eat you.

Hallowe’en spells: Welcome to the wizard land of this Doodle, in which you are taught how to cast spells as you travel through a library of magic! This Doodle was created for Halloween, and is a must for Harry Potter lovers!

Cricket cricket: This Doodle celebrated the ICC Champions Trophy, and it lets you play a cricket game!

Earth day quiz: This Doodle is a must for people who feel connected with the environment. Created on an Earth Day, it’s a quiz that tells you what animal you are. Trust us, you will enjoy this game!

DJing: This is not actually a game, but certainly is impressively interactive and loads of fun! Think of it as an educational activity in which you can mix your own Hip Hop music! It’s a journey into the famous music style, Hip Hop.

Theramin: This is your best chance to play one of the first electronic music devices invented! It sounds somewhat like a lady singing, and you can create a great melody by simply moving your mouse. This Doodle was created to celebrate the 105th birthday of one of the best players of the Theramin, Clara Rockmore.

Scovile scales: Have you ever heard of a person who tried to measure how hot chilies are? Created to celebrate the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the first man to measure the hotness of chilies, this Doodle starts by showing the scientist eating a chili and then eating an ice cream to coo his mouth. Later, you get to play a game in which you can throw ice cream at a chili pepper to cool it down. As you play, you learn many interesting facts.