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Google has removed the View Image button from its image search results, which means that instead of simply clicking that button you have to browse a website to find that image.

Here’s a little fix that will allow you to actually get that Google image without going through the pains of browsing whole websites.

For those who are new, here’s a little background. Google used to have a view image button that let users access and image by, well, simply clicking on that button! This was a lot easier than saving an image from websites that don’t let you right-click on an image and save it.

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Google has taken off the View Image button to make it difficult for an average user to save an image, seemingly because companies that sell images don’t want to easily save their images through Google.

In case you access an image for lawful use, without breaking copyright laws, the good news is you can still save images from Google Image, without the Save Image button.

The hack is a lot simpler than you might think. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Search for a concept on Google Image
  • Click on the image of your choice
  • Right-click on the image preview, and select ‘save image as’

That’s it! You now have a high-resolution image without banging your head thinking why Google Image took off the View Image button!

In case you seriously want the View Image button back on Google Image, you can do so by installing an extension on your Chrome or Opera browser. Click here to know more.