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How to Report a Cybercrime (Against a Child in UAE)

In the UAE, cybercrimes – like any other crimes – should be reported to the nearest police station and you may also report by calling 8002626. However, in the case of an emergency, always call 999.

Depending on the scope of the crime, UAE residents should do one of the following when reporting crimes against children. Children in the UAE are defined as individuals under the age of 18:

Option 1: Fill Out Ministry of Interior’s Online Form (Child Protection ONLY!)

The Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Centre encourages citizens and residents to report incidents against anyone under 18 years old that violate any UAE cyber laws…

…And they now have a simple and effective solution for how to report an Internet-related crime against children.

On their website, they have a form you can use to report cyber-related incidents.

Report Abuse Form

MOI Child Protection Center – Report Abuse Form


If there’s an extremist website that needs to be taken down, Fill this Form from Etisalat.

Option 2: Call 999 (for Emergencies)

Are you in the UAE and have you come across a cybercrime that could put you (or someone else) in immediate danger? If so, do not hesitate to call the police.

(Note that this is for emergencies only.)

Option 3: Call the Child Abuse Hotline

Are you under 18 and have been hurt or violated by something that happened to you online, or do you know a child that is being abused online? Do you still feel a bit confused about whether something is an emergency? You can report an incident of suspected child abuse and neglect by contacting the UAE’s Child Abuse Hotline: 116111.

You may also Download the Hotline brochure for more information.