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Recent revelations from Apple confirmed what many iPhone users confirmed what many iPhone users suspected. Apple slows down older phones. Here’s the purported reason behind this deliberate slowing down of phones – The Lithium-ion batteries in aging devices cannot keep up with peak demand for power.

Apple says the batteries may eventually need to be serviced or recycled. iPhones are probably storing hundreds of thousands of photos, dozens of apps, a lot that’s required of phones these days. Therefore Apple’s revelation of slowing its device on purpose during times when phones always need to stay at their peak to handle the increasing amount of data they store and the process is disconcerting.

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Here’s what a computer scientist, John Poole said regarding his experiment with iPhone, “Your web browser will be slower, instant messaging will be slower, and even your camera will be slower. Basically, it will affect all the functionality of a phone, save for actually making phone calls.”

John Poole discovered that Apple is intentionally limiting the power that a battery sends to a phone’s processor that runs apps and other functions.

Apple said its recent statement that the issue began when its iPhone 6 experienced sudden shutdowns last year. Older batteries were struggling to keep up with the phone. So the company offered to replace customers’ batteries, and made a software update. What’s more, Apple now admits that the update slows the phone down!

What’s the fix for this situation? All you can do is replace your battery!