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Canadian singer Drake’s song In My Feelings is a new rage online, and it has sparked the Kiki challenge that’s something you should never ever take. It can get you killed, and it’s not fun at all.

In a shocking trend, people are stepping out of moving cars to dance, completely oblivious to traffic, and uncaring of the hazard of stepping out of moving vehicles.

Hundreds of accidents are being reported from various part of the world due to people taking the foolhardy challenge just for the thrills or the like they get online. Some of these deadly accidents have made their way to YouTube, and you should watch them to understand how risky the Kiki Challenge could be. Children shouldn’t watch the videos due to their graphic nature, but adults should impress upon kids and teenagers why they shouldn’t take the challenge.

As the police in many cities issue warnings against taking the Kiki challenge, people have been arrested in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE for jumping out of moving cars to dance.

In case you are still wondering how risky the challenge can be, except the possibility of being hit by a car or falling off while jumping from a moving care, here’s some more bad news. In countries like the UAE, there are already specific penalties in place for attempting the challenge. According to Traffic and Police officials in the UAE, doing the Kiki Challenge dance can lead to a Dh2,000 fine, 23 black points and the vehicle impounded for 60 days.

The challenge went viral after Instagram user theshiggyshow posted a video of himself dancing to the song last month. Since then, thousands of Netizens, including celebrities, have taken part in the latest craze to hit the online space.

Watch and share these videos to raise awareness about the hazard of Kiki challenge. Not all of these videos are real; some have been created to show the danger involved: