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If you want to acquire a driver’s license or perhaps renew your vehicle registration in Dubai or are planning your commute from home to any other destination, you can ask Mahboub.

Mahboub, an Arabic guy name which means “the liked good” in English, is the newly-launched chatbot or virtual assistant of the Roads and Transport Authority.

Mahboub an interactive tool that uses artificial intelligence to ‘talk’ to ‘words’ or text.

The bot can communicate in both Arabic and English, with an uncanny resemblance to an RTA human customer service agent when asked for relevant information.

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Log on to and seek Mahboub’s assistance on queries relating to:

  • Metro, Tram and marine transport timings
  • Guidance on an application for Nol cards, and top-ups
  • Planning a journey and get information about taxis and public buses
  • Application, amendment, or renewal of driving license
  • Tips to renew or change your vehicle ownership
  • Information on public parking availability; and any other relevant transport and mobility related topics

Before beginning a conversation, Mahboub will first ask for your contact information, including your name, mobile number and email.

Mahboub can also assist you in planning your journey and will tell the travel time|period from your point A to point B in real time.

When given the correct input, Mahboub will reply with the corresponding keywords and provide details, in a flash, from the RTA database.