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Have you been seeing those dizzying, death-defying photos on social media? The photographers are certainly racking up followers with these pictures but while the views in the pictures can take your breath away, the risk these photographers take is huge!

For these photographers, the risk seems worth the reward in the form of Instagram followers, and global trending.

Daniel Lau is one such photographer who posts pictures in breathtakingly risky locations, mostly at high altitudes. He has more than 15,000 Instagram followers.

The people participating in these growing trends are called daredevils or outlaws.

Experts believe that people do it for the same reason why they post anything online – to attract attention from their audience. The combination of low-cost photo equipment and far-reaching online social platforms are helping fuel this dangerous trend.

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People these days see so many things online; they are always hungry something new and interesting. This might be one of the reasons behind daredevil photos are successful in getting more followers – they attract instant attention due to their shock value.

Recently, two German artists posing as daredevils hoisted a white flag on New York city’s Brooklyn bridge. Not long back a Russian tourist was caught scaling the same bridge, trying to take an extreme selfie.

What’s evident is that the pictures are getting scarier by the day, in an effort to attract more attention than their predecessors.

While these selfies can be exciting to watch, it’s certainly not exciting to try something like this! Well, due to obvious disadvantages ranging from severe injury to death! Also, there’s the risk of being arrested by cops.