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YouTube is a great social media platform with a lot of great videos. However, because anyone can upload videos (and comment on them), you may come across something hateful or abusive. Thankfully, you can report videos and abusive comments to let YouTube know that something’s wrong.

Let’s go over how you can report videos and how to report comments on YouTube… step by step.

How to Report Videos on YouTube

1. Click the “⚫⚫⚫ More” option next to the Share button underneath the name of the video’s creator.

Report Videos & Abuse on YouTube

2. Select ‘Report’ from the drop-down menu.
Report Videos on YouTube (More)

3. Choose one of the following options below. (Select the ‘Hateful or abusive content’ option if it’s a video made by a cyberbully.
Report Video on YouTube (Abusive Content)

4. Select ‘Bullying’ from the drop-down menu.
Report Abusive Content on YouTube (Options - Cyberbullying)

5. Provide additional details about the video you report. As seen below, YouTube allows you to add comments about a specific part of the video. This allows you to add context that people might not understand.
Report YouTube Video - Abusive Content (Timestamp)

6. Click ‘Submit.’ You will get a confirmation.
Report Abusive Content on YouTube (Confirmation)

How to Report an Abusive YouTube Comment

1. Click the three vertical dots by the comment you want to report.
2. Select “Report spam or abuse.”
Report Comment on YouTube (Abuse or Spam)

3. Select an option. (The ‘cyberbullying’ option is highlighted below.)
Report a Comment on YouTube (Harassment/Bullying)

4. Press the ‘Report Bully’ button. (Notice that YouTube suggests to contact local authorities if you or someone you know is in danger. You can also visit Google +’s Safety Center for more resources.)

If reporting a video or a comment doesn’t help stop the bullying, there is a protection center you can call who can help walk you through what to do, as well. Find your Middle Eastern country in this list.