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If you always wished you had one app that could sort out all your travel needs in Dubai, your wish has just come true! The S’hail app recently introduced by RTA Dubai lets you plan trips, hail RTA and private cabs, and do a lot more with just a tap to save loads of time and effort.

Soon, the app will also integrate with other marine transit services such as limousines, Palm Monorail and Dubai Trolley, enabling people to book the service and pay the applicable fare.

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and start using the following features to make your travel a lot simpler and smarter!

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Most important features 

  1. Plan a trip and view all related information such as commute types, route, journey time, trip cost options, and departure time of busses, metros, trams and water busses
  2. Hail RTA taxis, Uber, Careem, and Limousines
  3. View balance on Nol and Salik accounts
  4. Get nearby information such as public transport, places of interest, and live traffic

Other cool features

  1. Interact through live chat service for general enquiry, complaints, lost and found, and suggestions
  2. Save regular trips – no need to plan frequent trips every time
  3. Set alarms to notify you about delay information and other changes in saved connections
  4. Get reminders for important trip related actions such as boarding, changing, leaving, and checkout
  5. Share trip plans with people

In case you are currently using RTA’s tour planner app Wojhati, we advise you to replace it with S’hail, as this new app has all the trip planning features in Wojhati.