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Skype has a major security flaw that could allow an attacker to gain full access to your system. This bug which could affect everything, Windows, Macs and Linux.

Microsoft, which owns Skype was informed about this issue in September 2017, but a decision has apparently been made to not do anything about it because, as Microsoft seems to see it, the problem would require a large code revision, and it’s just better to fix it in a newer version of the app.

The vulnerability can let an attacker steal data, install a ransomware, or do anything else on your device from anywhere in the world.

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How can you prevent this bug from compromising your security? Well, the bad news is, there’s nothing you can do till Microsoft decides to get rid of this bug!

In case you have Skype on a device that contains sensitive data, the only seeming way to secure your system is to uninstall Skype and wait for a more secure version of this app in the next update.

Meanwhile, you can use an alternative app such as Google Hangouts for personal needs or GoToMeeting for business requirements.

Here’s a list of other alternatives to Skype.