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A smart home packed with the latest gadgets, appliances and vehicles these days seems like something essential to upgrade our lifestyle. Most of the daily use smart devises and vehicles are connected to the Internet, but did you know that they can be hacked like your computer? Here are five thinks that you never knew could be hacked!


Smart refrigerators can do wonders such as sending you pictures of refrigerated grocery to help you plan your weekly purchases.

However, a digital security company has claimed that a fridge can be hacked and send malicious emails to others. In the past, we’ve seen instances of smart fridge hacks. For example, a team of hackers had discovered how a Samsung smart refrigerator user’s Gmail login details can be accessed.


It’s dangerous to leave your printer exposed. Hackers could get access to everything you print and other printers in a network. Apart from important and private documents, all-in-one printers can expose your photos. Earlier this year, a hacker claimed to have hacked 150,000 printers ‘to raise awareness’.

Smart toys

These toys could be exposing your data to hackers. For instance, Internet-connected toys that allow sending voice messages were left vulnerable once. This led to about 2.2 million voice recordings being stored online unsecured, as per this report.


Just like smartphones, hackers can easily target your smartwatches. They can install malware in your device and get access to all your private data. In fact, a report earlier this year had claimed how hackers can steal your ATM pin from your smartwatch.

Smart Cars

If you think your car has got smarter then be assured it is not. According to, hackers can take control of a car remotely and access its entertainment system. They can also kill the engine.