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Fatima Khan (right) and accomplice Raza Khan

A Snapchat fanatic from London who posted a video of her partner dying while covered in blood has been jailed for 14 years. This incident happened in December 2016, and the court recently gave a verdict on the crime.

Fatima Khan, 21, hatched the sinister plan with a guy named Raza Khan to get her boyfriend Khalid Safi murdered on camera. Raza is seen in the video stabbing Khalid and walking away calmly.

Fatima filmed the whole incident and posted it on Snapchat with the caption: “This is what happens when you f*** with me.”

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The self-confessed Snapchat addict denied murder and other charges of manslaughter saying she was ashamed of the video. However, the jury found Fatima guilty of manslaughter. The accused had faced convictions for assault, shoplifting and fraud when she was 14.

People privy to the case say that Fatima had a “pathological obsession” with her cell phone and the Snapchat app.

A court official said, “It’s become an increasingly worrying aspect of society that these devices are playing such a prominent role.”