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Now you no longer need to be afraid of someone secretly recording your candid videos on Snapchat!

Popular photo-sharing app Snapchat has started notifying the user every time someone uses the “Screen Recording” feature to save “Snaps” on iOS 11 operating system (OS). The “Screen Recording” feature comes with the free iOS 11 update. However, the user needs to tweak their device’s settings to make it appear in the control centre.

“That is good news for users, but it does not mean they are safe to post anything they want. As always, everything can still be saved by other users,” reported late on Friday. Earlier, the company allowed iOS 11 users to record other users’ “Snaps” secretly, without the person who posted them realising.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has been the most preferred social media platform for almost 5o percent of US teens, according to a research from investment firm Piper Jaffray. Despite its tough competition from Instagram, 47 percent of those surveyed said Snapchat was the preferred social media platform, up from 39 percent in the spring. The report from Piper Jaffray surveyed 6,100 teens in the US with an average age of 16.

Instagram hasn’t be the preferred social media network for US teens, however, Facebook-owned platform has been successfully managed to increase its user base. The social media platform has been accused of copying Snapchat’s features, including stories. Instagram has over 800 million monthly users worldwide, whereas Snapchat has currently 166 monthly users globally.


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